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What is an FDID ?

A Fire Department Identifier (FDID) is a state-wide or territory-wide unique identifier, sometimes thought of as a fire department number (or FDID number.)

What Assigned FDIDs?

States (and territories) assign an FDID to each fire department, and FDIDs are primarily used for NFIRS fire incident reporting - for the departments records themselves, and to reference other departments. Use the FDID number when entering aid provided NFIRS information to refer to mutual-aid and auto-aid partners.

FDIDs are 5 digits long and are assigned by the state or territory in which the fire department is located. FDIDs are numbers assigned to fire departments to distinguish them from others. The first two digits represent the county and the remaining digits represent the department within the county. Each state assigns FDIDs, so it’s possible for the same FDID number to exist in two or more states.

FDIDs are an important part of the National Fire Incident Reporting System. If you represent a fire department, and you cannot locate your FDID here, you can find your FDID by contacting your state fire marshal’s office.

Fire Department Numbers / Identifiers (FDIDs)

Here are the NFIRS Fire Department Identifiers (FDIDs) for states & territories grouped by region:

The Rocky Mountains
Pacific Coastal
New England
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