Responserack is simple but sufficient …

ImageTrend is a powerful solution with a lot of features & capabilities, however that complexity comes at a cost to the organization. Volunteer Fire Departments cannot always make the investment.

What sets Responserack apart from ImageTrend?

Targeted simplicity is a valuable feature whereas complexity can be a overwhelming. Responserack brings just the right amount of power and without more data entry and workflow management than the typical volunteer department needs.

Firefighters - especially volunteer firefighters - deserve low-training simplicity. Data entry should be keep to a minimum. Less can be more. Responserack is middle-of-the-night simple reporting software your firefighters will love.

Responserack keeps things simple; Responserack helps firefighters, yet it also powers administration.


More about the Responserack advantage:
Responserack focuses on your firefighters in conjunction with their fire department, connecting the two and engaging (hence retaining) the membership:


  • Simple member views; for incidents, attendance numbers and briefings.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) integration with digital membership dispatch notification.
  • Incident management; for membership, for the department, for NFIRS.
  • Events, Training and Meetings; for membership, and for the department.
  • Communications; sharing information, images, videos amongst the membership.


  • Automated incident review and administrative completion process.
  • National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) entry, management, review and export.
  • Insights & Reports presenting the incidents and member information.
  • Visibility into your response, responders, apparatus and information.

All Stakeholders

  • Automated tasks; reducing repetative administrative overhead.
  • Integrations; integrations and webhooks to traditional and non-traditional Fire Department solutions.
  • Dynamic Links; launch custom mobile applications, e.g. ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Field Maps.
How to select fire department software in 2024:

Check out our fire department software for our understanding of what to look for in fire department software today, and for the future. Times have changed and modern volunteer fire departments require different abilities to inform, engage and retain their volunteers.


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