Responserack Fire Records Management System (Fire RMS)

Fire Records Management Systems (Fire RMSs) allow fire records to be managed and maintained. Fire departments need records for incidents, attendance, training, apparatus and more.

Historically, fire records management software was installed on a computer, used by a back office administrator, and maybe occasionally printed for the station notice board or desk book. Those times are gone.

Move From Paper to Digital Fire Records



Modern Fire RMS

Modern fire RMS are cloud-based and support the whole team, from administration and officers to firefighters (longtime and probationary), and put those records to use as communications; informing firefighters. Informed firefighters are engaged firefighters, and knowing their number - from response times to attendance numbers - helps them optimize their contributions to the department, and community.

Fire Records

The types of fire records maintained by fire departments are:

  • Incident Records
  • Member Attendance Records
  • Incident Location Records
  • Apparatus Use Records
  • Mutual Aid and Automatic Aid records
  • Exercise Training Records
  • Apparatus Check Records
  • Apparatus Maintenance records
  • Personnel Records
  • Stipend and/or Annual Award Records
Responserack Capabilities

Responserack provides fire department software and fire station software as well as supporting NFIRS reporting and fire records management. Responserack helps you engage your firefighters.

Middle-of-the-night simple NFIRS reporting: Responserack is firefighter-simple, yet separately also powerful for your administration.

Responserack is a firefighter friendly modern alternative to Fire RMS systems. Responserack supports mobile volunteer firefighters (on their devices) helping modern volunteer fire departments thrive.


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