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Coding incidents in NFIRS 5.0 starts with determining the “incident type”:

  • Selecting the appropriate “group” (be it Fire or Rescue or other, lowest group when multiple)
  • Identifiy the best fit type within that group
  • Fall back to “other” only when neccessary.

NFIRS 5.0 Incident Coding

Here are some example codings.

NFIRS Incident Typing Guidance:

NFIRSGram: Why getting the incident type right matters

Incident Typing Rules:

  • RULE 1: Incident Type defines what was found at the incident scene upon arrival of the fire department.
  • RULE 2: Use the lowest code series for determining the Incident Type when more than one Incident Type is found.

Need more help?

If you are looking for more incident types:


For more information see the NFIRS / eNFIRS training and contact Responserack if you would like more help with NFIRS or eNFIRS.