Why we created Responserack...

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) many fire departments are experiencing more difficulty with recruiting and retaining members than ever before. Responserack connects your membership to their department; allowing information to flow to mobile firefighter & strengthening the bond.

"Recruitment and retention is hard work but with the right plan and the right attitude any department can be successful."


So how does Responserack help Volunteer Fire Departments connect and thrive?

Firefighters need a lot of information to stay response ready, however the phrase "drinking from the firehose" means information overload. Firefighters need the right information at the right time; what they want, where and when it is relevent.

Briefings from fire conditions & fire weather to apparatus maintenance, to road closures. Updates from teammate availability to on site hazzards, and past incidents. Responserack directs this firehose, managing all this information in one place.

Fire department culture strengthens with the membership connecting and communicating; experienced firefighters sharing information with newcomers. Insights & lessons learned build the whole team's experience.

Actively engaging with the department helps members forge their bonds to each other, to their identity in the department, and to their service to the community.

Like all good Fire Department Software Responserack helps you manage incidents, maintain records and submit to National Fire Incident Reporting (NFIRS), and more, however it excels at supporting a state-of-the-art team of engaged mobile firefighters.

Hear about Responserack ...

Lt. Bell

Lt. Paul B.

Safety Officer

Having the ability to see a street and satellite view, prior incidents, and incident notes has been a game changer for us with regard to safety.

Recently we had a structure fire at a large concrete batch plant. While en route, we were able to see a satellite map of the facility and notes on the facility, which indicated there were explosives on site. This information allowed the first arriving unit to have greater situational awareness.

Lt. Vinnola

Lt. Dan V.


Being part of a volunteer fire agency means that I contribute as much as I can while trying to balance a full time job, home, and family.

With Responerack I am able to stay connected with the department in multiple ways that fit well with the commitment I can make. If I miss a call I can still see who attended and what the outcome was so I can think through the response and prepare myself for the next call. Without this it would be easy to lose that connection with my peers and fall out of the response-ready mindset.

Get Started

We find that fire departments get started with Responserack quickly, in minutes not days or weeks. Create an account, get a size-up of our service, and proceed once you have situational awareness.

Adam Jack
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