Firefighter-friendly NFIRS-compliant reporting

Responserack Fire Department Software is a modern replacement to legacy reporting systems. Deliver what your department needs while engaging and empowering your volunteer firefighters. Reporting can be simple yet powerful, capable yet affordable, and actually enjoyable. ( See what our customers say about Responserack. )

Middle-of-the-Night Simple:

Designed after decades of working with volunteer firefighters, and developed for volunteer fire departments, Responserack is simple to learn, even fun to use. Contact us to learn more, and/or check-out a demonstration or free trial.

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Join the modern Volunteer Fire Departments...

Who are reducing their administration workload and engaging their firefighters.

  • Get up and running and NFIRS compliant in less than a week.
  • Move to paperless, and engaging their firefighters in real time.
  • Save time, money, and effort getting organized.
  • Switch from legacy Fire RMSs.
Working for Volunteer Fire Departments

Responserack is modern NFIRS software that works for volunteer fire departments across the country. Responserack is easy to use and affordable, and it helps you reduce your administration workload, engage your firefighters, and save time and money.

Customer Testimonials for Responserack

Fire departments across the country enjoy using Responserack, and we get a lot of positive feedback. Here is a small sample of what they have to say.

I love the fact that the report is practically complete before I look at it. With Responserack the firefighters are completing the bulk of reports, and Responserack tells me if there are any remaining NFIRS needs.

Chief, Volunteer Fire Rescue, Ohio

We had really fallen behind with NFIRS, which was hurting our grant applications. Responserack enabled us to catch up, and be able to get our NFIRS compliant.

Chief, Volunteer Fire Department, Missouri

We love that we can complete attendance using our phones, while still on scene. If command is not too busy, the report can be mostly done before returning to quarters.

Volunteer Fire Department, Texas

Responserack is so intuitively simple and easy to use.

Fire Department, Montana

Reports used to take me two hours each report with a legacy Fire RMS, but with Responserack they take a small fraction of that time.

Administrator, Volunteer Fire Department, Kansas

Reports are so powerful. They give us wonderful insights into our incident, training and member data.

Volunteer Fire Department, Ohio

We are a newly formed fire protection district and Responserack allows us to submit our NFIRS, as required. Better still, with detailed attendance records we can now, for the first time, provide stipends to our firefighters.

Fire Protect District, Missouri

As a volunteer administrator, Responserack allows me to keep our department records complete and orderly. I can manage and complete our department's incident reports after fire officers initiate them.

Administrator, Volunteer Fire Department, Arkansas

One of my first year lieutenants was immediately making reports with hardly any training. Responserack is so much easier for my team!

Chief, Volunteer Fire Department, Michigan

We probably didn't even need the training! The system is so easy to use.

Chief, Combination Fire Department, Colorado


Recommending Responserack

Here is what some Responserack Customers says about Responserack when asked for a reference:

I highly recommend the Responserack reporting platform for volunteer fire departments. Since implementing Responserack, our department has seen tremendous improvements in administrative efficiency and transparency.

One of the biggest benefits has been the ease with which all members can submit fire incident reports. The user-friendly interface allows every firefighter to quickly log their participation after an event, giving us comprehensive data tracking. This improved reporting has led to greater accountability and recognition of each member's contributions.

Responserack has also enhanced transparency by providing every member access to view the department's data on incidents, meeting attendance, training hours, and more. This open flow of information builds trust and keeps everyone informed.

From an administrative perspective, Responserack has been a game-changer. We can now produce customized reports with just a few clicks, allowing us to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions. Tracking metrics like incident participation, meeting attendance, training completions, and apparatus maintenance is a breeze.

Perhaps most impressively, Responserack's customer support is unparalleled. Any time we've had an issue, their responsive team has resolved it quickly and professionally. For a volunteer department operating on a tight budget, their cost-effective pricing can't be beaten.

In summary, Responserack has modernized our record-keeping, increased transparency, and enabled us to operate more efficiently with reduced administrative burdens. I give them my highest recommendation.

- Fire Chief, Ohio

This program has completely changed how our department functions.

Members of our department enjoy the easy process of making Incident reports. The learning process of how to navigate the features were quick and easy.

The amount of different reports we are now able to run to track various things within our department is mind blowing. The support we get from the Responserack team has been amazing.

Our department has functioned primarily with paper reports for many years. That is no longer the case as Responserack has moved our fire department into the 21st century.

- Fire Captain, West Virginia