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NFIRS 5.0 Module ‘Wildland Fire’

Description: Provides report data instead of a fire module for a wildland fire.

This module is NOT optional it is NOT ‘department use’; meaning it’s contents are used by FEMA NFIRS reports.

Need something else? Here is the complete list of all NFIRS modules and subsequent NFIRS transactions, plus a list of all NFIRS elements.

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Wildland Fire Transactions:

  • Wildland Fire - ‘Provides details specific to a Wildland Fire Incident’- Mandatory, 1 only

Wildland Fire Blocks:

These blocks are collections of elements carried by the ‘Wildland Fire’ transaction.

Block  Elements 
A Fire Department IDFire Department StateIncident (Alarm) DateIncident Number (Identifier)Exposure NumberRecord Type/Transaction CodeTransaction Type (Add, Update, Delete)
B LatitudeLongitudeTownshipTownship Direction - North/SouthRangeRange Direction - East/WestSectionSubsectionMeridian
C Area Type
D1 Wildland Fire Cause
D2 Human Factors Contributing
D3 Factors Contributing To Ignition
D4 Fire Suppression Factors
E Heat Source
F Mobile Property Type
G Equipment Involved In Ignition
H NFDRS Weather Station IDWeather TypeWind DirectionWind SpeedAir TemperatureRelative HumidityFuel MoistureFire Danger Rating
I1 Number of Buildings Ignited
I2 Number of Buildings Threatened
I3 Total Acres Burned
I4 Primary Crop Burned #1Primary Crop Burned #2Primary Crop Burned #3
J Undetermined Acres Burned Percentage (%)Tax Paying Acres Burned Percentage (%)Non-Tax Paying Acres Burned Percentage (%)City Town Village Local Acres Burned Percentage (%)County or Parish Acres Burned Percentage (%)State or Province Acres Burned Percentage (%)Federal Acres Burned Percentage (%)Foreign Acres Burned Percentage (%)Military Acres Burned Percentage (%)Other Acres Burned Percentage (%)Property Management OwnershipFederal Agency Code
K NFDRS Fuel Model At Origin
L1 Person Responsible For Fire
L2 Gender
L3 Person Age
L4 Activity of Person
M Horizontal Distance From Right Of WayType of Right of Way
N ElevationRelative Position on SlopeAspectFlame LengthRate of Spread
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