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NFIRS 5.0 Element: ‘Type of Right of Way’

Definition: The precise type of the Right Of Way.

Entry: Completed only for fires starting on or near (within 99 feet) roads, railroads, or powerline rights-of-way.

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NFIRS Coding

Here are the NFIRS codes for the ‘Type of Right of Way’ element, including any “other” values in case none of the preselected choices match:

Common Examples of Type of Right of Way

More commonly used values for Type of Right of Way…

Type of Right of Way  Code 
Open Land, Field 931
Street - Other 960
Vehicle Parking Area 965
Pipeline, Power Line or Other Utility Right-a-Way 983

All values for Type of Right of Way

Type of Right of Way  Code 
Dump, Sanitary Landfill 919
Bridge, Trestle 921
Tunnel 922
Outbuilding, Excluding Garage 926
Open Land, Field 931
Campsite With Utilities 935
Vacant Lot 936
Graded And Cared For Plots Of Land 938
Water Area 940
Railroad Right-of-way 951
Railroad Yard 952
Street - Other 960
Highway or Divided Highway 961
Residential Street, Road or Residential Driveway 962
Street or Road In Commercial Area 963
Vehicle Parking Area 965
Aircraft Runway 972
Aircraft Taxiway 973
Aircraft Loading Area 974
Construction Site 981
Oil, Gas Field 982
Pipeline, Power Line or Other Utility Right-a-Way 983
Industrial Plant Yard, Area 984
Type Of Right Away - Other 000
Undetermined UUU
None NNN

Transactions containing ‘Type of Right of Way’

A few NFIRS elements are reused accross a number of transactions, but typically the value is captured by one transaction only.

Element Specification

 Specification   Value 
Requirement Optional
Expected Length 3
Element Type Coded Field - The coded field relating to an entry in the code table. Most coded fields allow for Plus+ One codes. For these fields the expected length of the coded entry is depicted as (National length OR Plus+ One length). Only fields with this notation in the expected length column allow for Plus+ One definitions. If the user has not provided information, an empty field should be transmitted.
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