Volunteer Fire Departments in 2022

Volunteer Fire Departments have a proud history of service, however they are facing challenges, and need to continue to evolve to stay effective.

Volunteer Fire Departments must overcome challenges of recruiting membership (the men and women volunteer firefighters), retaining that membership and providing the equipment, training and information required to empower & protect those firefighters.

Responserack fire department software can help with some of the challenges.

  • Departments need grant support (and need NFIRS 5.0 data to succeed at those grant applications) in order to equip their volunteers. Preferably without intensively training of their volunteers on NFIRS codes and modules.
  • Departments need the right information at the right time to keep their firefighters informed and safe.
  • Departments need to engage their volunteers, in order for their membership (and department) to grow (in size and participation) and thrive.
  • Departments need technology support to connect today’s mobile volunteer firefighter.

Volunteer Fire Departments are always about people; steady overhead, professional firefighters, and the culture of the fire department community, however technology can improve information flow.

Responserack was built to meet these challenges as Volunteer Fire Department Software


Volunteer Fire Department Technology

Modern fire department software systems aren’t static record keeping back office systems, but extend into the field and to the firefighter (wheverever he or she is.)

Adam Jack
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