Overview:  114 - Chimney or flue fire (confined).

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Chimney Fire - contained

Chimney Fire - Contained to the Fire Box, Chimney or Flue

Chimney Fire - Contained to the Fire Box, Chimney or Flue

When the fire is contained within the chimney or flue code as incident type 114 - Chimney or flue fire (confined).

Note: Chimney fires that extend into the structure are structure fires 111 - Building Fire (or maybe 112 - Fire in a Structure other than a Building) … only code a chimney fire for if the fire was confined to the chimney, without extension.

Note: Chimney fires that remain in the chimney are confined fires and confined fires typically require less documentation. See how to code a confined fire

When dealing with a structure fire, document as such (with fire and structure modules) and with the equipment being involved in ignition as the chimney or flue equipment.


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