Overview:  Dispatched & Canceled En Route - 611

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How do I code a canceled en route (disregard)?

We code NFIRS “as is, not as toned”, so a cancellation (or disregard) is of interest only if the tone results in fire department action.

Per NFIRS Help Desk: If an incident is canceled before units respond there is no NFIRS incident to record.

If units respond and are canceled en route, then code as 611 - Dispatched & Canceled En Route.

Incident Type: 611 - Dispatched & Canceled En Route

Incident Type: 611 - Dispatched & Canceled En Route

Do not confuse with ‘Unable to Locate - UTL’

Do not confuse a cancellation, even on scene, with Unable to Locate (UTL).


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For more information see the NFIRS / eNFIRS training and contact Responserack if you would like more help with NFIRS or eNFIRS.