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eNFIRS Training

USFA (FEMA) have created training videos for eNFIRS. If you’ve used the old NFIRS WebTools you will find eNFIRS pretty similar. It has a new fresh look, and easier login process, but is fundamentally the same.

Here are some of the the initial eNFIRS training videos:

Creating an incident in eNFIRS

Enter an incident into eNFIRS/NFIRS (what used to be called the NFIRS DEBI - Direct Entry Browser Interface):


Add an NFIRS module to an incident in eNFIRS

This training show you how to add (or delete) an NFIRS module to your NFIRS incident. For example, maybe you need to report Arson on a Fire Incident you would add the Arson Module to the incident report.


Look up an NFIRS incident in eNFIRS

This training shows you how to use basic search features to get back to an incident. For example, search by date.


eNFIRS Login

If you need help with eNFIRS login or need help resetting eNFIRS your password (because maybe you’ve forgotten your eNFIRS/NFIRS password.


Export incidents from eNFIRS

To get a ZIP (compressed archive) export file containing your NFIRS incident reports, log in to eNFIRS to perform the export: