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NFIRS 5.0 Transaction: ‘Member Making Report’

Description: ‘Provides details of the member providing the NFIRS report for the incident’

Class: Used for incident transactions

Module: Basic

Transaction Elements:

The ‘Member Making Report’ transaction contains the following elements in order.

Key Elements:

These elements are part of the ‘Member Making Report’ transaction, as they are part of every transaction, since they form the record key; they uniquely identify the incident from other incidents.

Transaction Specific Elements:

These elements are part of the specific information carried by the ‘Member Making Report’ transaction. They form the main payload of this transaction.

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Transaction Blocks:

These blocks are collections of elements carried by the ‘Member Making Report’ transaction.

Block  Elements 
A Fire Department IDFire Department StateIncident (Alarm) DateIncident Number (Identifier)Exposure NumberRecord Type/Transaction CodeTransaction Type (Add, etc.)
M Authority Reporting Personnel IDAuthority Reporting First NameAuthority Reporting Middle Initial NameAuthority Reporting Last NameAuthority Reporting RankAuthority Reporting AssignmentAuthority Reporting Date

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