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NFIRS Relational Edit Rule 44

The NFIRS specification provides this definition for Relational Edit Rule 44:

Relational Edit Rule 44 — If Incident Type = 140, 170 series then required unless Open/Wildland module is used.
Responserack’s supplement:

Responserack’s copy of the above NFIRS definition, with (when available) NFIRS codes expanded:

Relational Edit Rule 44 - Use Total Acres Burned (or Less than one Acre) on Fire Module for Natural Vegetation Fire Group (14X) (i.e. 140 series) or Cultivated Vegetation, Crop Fire Group (17X) (170 series) unless Wildland Fire Module is used.

Rule References
Entity  Reference 
Element Total Acres Burned
Element Less than one Acre
Module Fire
Incident Type Group Natural Vegetation Fire Group (14X)
Incident Type Group Cultivated Vegetation, Crop Fire Group (17X)
Module Wildland Fire
NFIRS Documentation

For more details, see the FEMA NFIRS Documentation, for example the NFIRS 5.0 specification (PDF).


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