Things have changed …

When looking at a replacement Fire RMS do not be anchored by the past.

Expect dramatic improvements.

A lot has changed since a Fire RMS was boxes of fields on gray screens, and was all about drop-down lists of codes, and dry reports. A modern Fire RMS can be both firefighter and administrator friendly, and smoothly support your department operations, not be a back-office chore.

Expect far far more than software from decades ago…

Expect far far more than software from decades ago…

Technology has significantly evolved since many of the existing Fire RMSs were created. Software designed for clunky old desktop computers is not accessible from mobile devices at home, or on the road. Lifeless incident reports are not engaging department information, nor are they nuggets of interest for the membership. Department information is engaging. Engaged firefighters are retained firefighters.

Expect far far more for your upgrade than a replacement, expect real change & progress. Your needs have changed, the software needs to have changed with it.

A modern Fire RMS

Look for an upgrade that provides some or all of the following:

  • Is firefighter-friendly, not dreary records & NFIRS-centric.
  • Makes reports work hard for the department, in the back office and in firefighter conversations.
  • Automations that support your administrators, reducing repetitive tasks.
  • Engages your firefighters with dynamic information.
  • Offers self-service online help, support, training, and guidance.
  • Software that solves your jobs to be done, and not a lot of unnecessary extras.
  • Software that lets you do more with less.

Responserack is a modern Fire RMS

Responserack is the modern fire RMS for volunteer fire departments.


Fire RMS Migration

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