Alternatives for Firehouse Software

Many Firehouse Software customers have been put into the position of looking for an alternative to Firehouse Software without much time to make the transition. Firehouse Software provides NFIRS ( Niffers 😀 ) reporting for fire incidents, and various other maintenance and member records.

Modern alternatives exist, and offer a number of features:

  • Ease of Administration; Administrators are often volunteers too. Their time is valuable, and automations aid administrators.
  • Firefighter friendly; simple and not over-blown or confusing. Training not required, and no playing ‘hunt the menu item’ at 02:00.
  • Responsive to use from computer, tablet or mobile device. Not legacy screens.
  • Web-based - i.e. Accessible from fire station of home, or on the road.
  • No Installation / Maintenance; remotely managed cloud-based state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Timely & Efficient migration; to meet the Firehouse Software deadline.

Responserack is an increasingly popular Firehouse Software Alternative:


Fire RMS Migration

For more in our series on Fire RMS migrations, please checkout:

Need to replace your Fire RMS?
Responserack provides innovative middle-of-the-night firefighter-simple volunteer fire department software and NFIRS incident reporting software. Learn how Responserack helps your volunteer fire department.
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