Do-it-yourself Voting …

We’ve long used Survey Monkey and hand created a nominations survey then a voting survey for our annual awards program, but we recently switched to Google Forms. The ability for Google Forms to export to a Google Sheet just made viewing / processing the results so much easier.

Create your Google Form

Go to (which appears to redirect to and select “Start a new form” then “Blank” (no template required).

Google Forms - Empty Form - Getting Started

Administrative - Who are you?

Cut and paste your membership list into the options so your membership can easily select themselves. We do this because some members make mistakes, and ask for manual changes. We don’t share who voted for whom.

Google Forms - Administrative

… and add an “Other” in case you missed one or two.

Google Forms - Administrative - Other

Results in Google Spreadsheet

Access the Google Sheet with responses.

Google Forms - Spreadsheet


Selecting shuffle overrides the existing order, so the same folks are not at the top each time.

Google Forms - Spreadsheet

No Sign In …

You don’t want to force your membership to sign in for each form, so ensure the settings don’t force that:

Google Forms - No Sign In

Voting - SWAG, Training, Awards and more …

Google Forms is a powerful tool for easy voting, allowing your membership to chime in on your topic. We’ve used such surveys for SWAG committee decisions, for training topics & feedback, and annual awards.

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