Data Mining NFIRS Information

Do you know your top responders for the previous year for annual awards? Do you know your firefighter response hours, individually for annual stipends or collectively for grant applications, and communicating your department’s contributions?

If you’ve been entering your NFIRS information you can data mine some or all of those vales from an NFIRS export file.

NFIRS File Format; Your Data …

This export is complete and detailed, but gobbledegook to humans … however it is computer parsable:

NFIRS Export Format

Want help data mining?

Using NFIRS parsing tools here at Responserack we can traverse your export files and data mine numbers, tally counts by type and (if you have the data in NFIRS) then evaluate apparatus use, member response and more.

Some of the things we’ve helped mine for fire departments:

  • Member response hours.
  • Apparatus usage; last used and usage hours.
  • Dollar Loss; property and/or contents.
  • Acres burned; totals.
  • Incident Categories; e.g. MEdical, MVAs, Fires, etc.
  • and more …

There is a lot of data in NFIRS exports.

Your department’s NFIRS data is helpful to the state and FEMA USFA but it is also your data. You created it, you should benefit from it when you need.

Contact Responserack

If you are a volunteer fire department and you’d like your NFIRS data mined, please contact Responserack and we’ll see what we can do to help you. If you have the data in your NFIRS incidents export then we can likely extract it for you.


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