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Do you have software to send dispatch notifications to firefighter mobile devices and gather who is responding, a separate group messaging solution and both of these separate from incident records solution, and your NFIRS reporting system?

Do you manage them separately, pay for them separately, have separate login accounts for all your firefighters? Are your firefighters tired of “cobbled together solutions” and want a single integrated solution? That is possible.

Responserack integrates multiple solutions into one, simplifying your processes, and saving you money.

Responserack’s integrated solution …

Responserack combines many solutions into one; tightly integrated … so they work exceptionally well together, and there is less for your firefighters to learn. Paying for all these services as likely less than you currently pay for one, you get far more for your money…

Integration matters …

One connected system just makes sense:

  • Pressing “I’m In” on your CAD dispatch notification marks your (tentative) attendance in the incident report.
  • Your firefighters/officer simply completing the times, attendance and apparatus used provides the key data for NFIRS reports. (Firefighters do not need to know NFIRS to provide this data.)
  • Firefighters review incident reports from home, or on the road, improving report correctness & quality.
  • One place for “membership updates” instead of building your own membership communications from various tools.
  • One account for your Firefighters, potentially with no password to remember.

Simplified matters …

Volunteer firefighters do not want multiple systems with different websites addresses to remember, different applications to install. They won’t do it. Responserack provides one place for your firefighters.

One simple interface with less is more built into the system. Firefighter friendly.

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If you are a volunteer fire department and you’d like your NFIRS data mined, please contact Responserack and we’ll see what we can do to help you. If you have the data in your NFIRS incidents export then we can likely extract it for you.


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