What is eNFIRS?

Overview:  eNFIRS is the new look/feel of the FEMA USFA NFIRS web tools.

eNFIRS is the new look/feel of the FEMA USFA NFIRS web tools. With simplified login (a single login to all tools) and a new (even mobile device friendly) interface, it represents an upgrade for the fire community users.

More specifically eNFIRS is …

In 2020 the U.S. Fire Administration upgraded the NFIRS system in a large technology update. Much as there were behind the scenes changes to database storage, servers and underlying technology the primary change for the fire community was how the web tools look and behaves. The result is improved ease-of-use and improved user experience.

Note: There is no change to the NFIRS 5.0 specification; the same content is request and recorded. The same modules, transactions and elements exist, and the same incident data is captured.

One small (but important) change, however is that bulk upload files can now support a wider character set (e.g. more symbols) using UTF-8 not the very limited ASCII.

Learn more about getting started with eNFIRS and learn more about NFIRS 5.0.

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