Overview:  Export into a spreadsheet in order to add custom calculations

In order to use a spreadsheet to add custom calculations to a Responserack report, follow these typical steps:

  • Export the report output to a spreadsheet.
  • Populate an empty adjacent column with a calculation (using cell addressing).
  • Copy that calculation down the column.
  • Add a function to do more still; sum the results to a total.

Report Output

Pressing the “Spreadsheet” button will download a CSV (comma separated variable) file format, which all spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and others) can import.

Export to Spreadsheet

Export to Spreadsheet

If there are multiple tables in a report a ZIP (archive) file format will be created, containing multiple CSV files. Import or open one CSV at a time, as needed.


Spreadsheets operate on rows and columns with each cell being uniquely addressed by a letter (column) and number (row) combination. A1 is the top/left cell, A2 is below it, and B1 is to the right of it.

A cell value that starts with an equals sign = is a calculation. Basic spreadsheet calculations can be addition + or multiplication * or division /.

In the following example =B2*20 means multiply the value in the cell at B2 by 20 (e.g. 20 dollars.) The result will be displayed in the cell; 29 * 20 = 580.

Add a Calculation

Add a Calculation

Copy Down

Spreadsheets have a copy down or fill down ability, often by dragging the cell, or selecting some cells and using a menu item. The first calculation might be B2*20, and copying it would make B3*20 (note: the B2 becomes B3.)

Copy the Calculation

Copy the Calculation

Notice as the single calculation is copied down, the resulting values displayed are based off the input values.


Adding =SUM is a calculations that calls a function on a range of cells. F2:F10 is a column of cells, so SUM(F2:F10) adds all the values in that column … doing a summation (total) over them all.

Add a SUM Function

Add a SUM Function


Exporting Responserack reports to a spreadsheet allows a myriad of custom calculations to be made.

Here is the example on Google Sheets

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