InciWeb - from ‘incident web’ is a valuable source of trusted information on active wildland fires, and a great resource for fire departments to share with the public.

The default InciWeb map view - it’s front page - can be a little overwhelming however a state map can provide good context. Listed below are the various links provided by InciWeb for each state. (Note: Additionally inciweb have an accessibility page for when the map does not work.

InciWeb - Colorado Map

Colorado’s link is formatted like this and presents the map below:  

InciWeb - Colorado

InciWeb - Colorado

This list originated on the InciWeb help page and please look there in case these links change in the future. I’ve reproduced it here in the hope it will help volunteer fire department public information officers find and share these focused links.

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Responserack for Volunteer Fire Departments

Responserack provides services for volunteer fire departments; member information services, incident reporting, NFIRS and so much more.

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