Overview:  Email overload; a department communications problem

Just like the typical communications cluster at the start of a large incident, before ICS is in place and smoothing the flow, email communications are overloading your firefighters.

Each email might be short and to the point, but when your Safety Officer communicates a new policy on safety vests, the Information Team shares a new website or report, the Training Officer shares a pre-plan for Auto-X, and the Chief discusses annual awards … all of this floods into already busy mailboxes. Work, personal and department all mix together, and much is lost. Email overload is a communications problem. Firefighters don’t receive every communication they should.

Email Overload

Email Overload

Volunteer firefighters need individual briefings; a central place for all their fire department information in one place. Not mixed in with their work emails or text messages, nor in amongst their personal/family messages, but a separate place for department communications.

Responserack provides personal briefings for each firefighter. Personal updates on incident attendance, updates based upon their groups (Officers, EMTs, Wildland Team, etc.) and topics of interest such as local wildfires updates, fire weather, department websites, and more.

Personal Responserack Briefings

Personal Responserack Briefings

Responserack eliminates email overload for your department information, and allows your membership easy access to a single place for their department communications.

Responserack provides game changing middle-of-the-night firefighter-simple volunteer fire department software and NFIRS incident reporting software. Learn about how Responserack can help your volunteer fire department.

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Responserack for Volunteer Fire Departments

Responserack provides services for volunteer fire departments; member information services, incident reporting, NFIRS and so much more.

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