Engage your Volunteer Firefighters

Overview:  Effective communications strengthen culture and engagement.

Volunteer firefighters respond out of duty; to the community, to the department, and to their brothers/sisters in the service. Duty builds within the individual, and a culture of duty builds in the department, through firefighters engaging with the department; connecting with it’s mission, joining that mission.

Engaging firefighters means human interactions and connections with mentors and officers, and generally bringing the firefighters into the department fold. Learning about the membership (their strengths and idiosyncracies), the department (its strengths and challenges) all allow the firefighter to find their place, develop their connection.

A culture of response builds through firefighters engaging with and for each other. At two in the morning a firefighter drags themselves out of bed for their fellow firefighters as much as the (still a blur) content of the tone itself; ensuring their fellow firefighters don’t respond without sufficient resources, ensuring that the department is well represented, ensuring the new guys have overhead.

Most Fire Departments use email or text messaging groups to disemminate information, but then shy away from sending too much information for fear of overload, hence limiting themselves.

Responserack helps engage firefighters with access to information, with postings from overhead and department thought leaders. Not email spam, but an unobtrusive stream of information. Responserack creates a stronger bond with individual firefighters, leading to a stronger fire department.

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Responserack for Volunteer Fire Departments

Responserack provides services for volunteer fire departments; member information services, incident reporting, NFIRS and so much more.

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