Electric Vehicle Extrication Checklist

This information was provided by Next Level Extrication.

Electric Vehicle Checklist by Next Level Extrication

Electric Vehicle Checklist by Next Level Extrication

This information was provided by: Next Level Extrication at the 2021 Arvada Fire Department Auto-X Class. For more information contact Next Level Extrication, see below.


  1. Approach at a 45 degree angle
  2. Identify the type of vehicle i.e. badging, lack of exhaust, drive shaft or under carriage
  3. Identify if the vehicle is stable or unstable:
    • Place chocks or struts
    • Identify if vehicle is in park
    • Turn off the vehicle if accessible
    • Remove the keys (outside the vehicle)
    • Attempt to pop the hood (electric latch)
    • Turn hazard lights on
    • While completing your 360ยบ attempt to open all the doors (electric latches).
    • Shut down 12V and high voltage system

Provided by: Next Level Extrication, contact Next Level Extrication

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