Awesome Fire Department Software

Awesome Fire Department Software respects firefighter time and effort. This means demanding less specialized knowledge to make reports, making helpful suggestions but otherwise getting out of their way and allowing them to focus on reporting. The software is firefighter-friendly, administrator-friendly, and department-friendly.


  • Uses firefighter common terminology, not NFIRS codes
  • Is mobile-first and phone-friendly with simple screens
  • Can be accessed from home, the fire department or when out and about
  • Requires minimal software training for infrequent uses
  • Guides the reporting officer or firefighter through reporting


  • Guides the reporting administrator through administrative tasks
  • Respects administrator time and effort by automating away repetitive tasks
  • Provides NFIRS shortcuts and suggestions for common usage
  • Requires minimal software training for less frequent users


  • Offers extensive data analysis through predefined and custom reports
  • Generates NFIRS exports with minimal effort
  • Connects and engages members

Overall, Awesome Fire Department Software is a powerful and user-friendly solution that helps firefighters and administrators save time and focus on what’s important: serving their community.

Responserack delivers Awesome

That is just the start of the awesome that Responserack delivers for volunteer firefighters and volunteer fire departments.


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