Overview:  NERIS is due to replace NFIRS in starting in 2024, continuing in 2025.

When is USFA’s NERIS due?

The National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) is being developed now, and is intended to roll out to early adopters in 2024, and roll out to more departments in 2025.

Do I need to stop filing NFIRS?

No, continue to file your NFIRS. NFIRS is intended to be archived in the next year or so, however the NERIS team have stated that fire departments can continue to use NFIRS until they have migrated to NERIS.

Where can I find NERIS resources?

We are building resources here for NERIS fire reporting.

If you want to go in depth, you can find more information on NERIS at both here USFA website, and on the FRSI website.