USFA’s National Fire Programs’ National Fire Data Center in coordination with the International Association of Fire Chiefs will be hosting the first annual NFIRS Week from February 22nd to the 26th, 2021.
Responserack NFIRS Quick reference
How to change or reset your eNFIRS password
Now I don’t have standing to comment on many of these, but as a developer (and now an NFIRS developer) I’ll comment on some:
eNFIRS is the new look/feel of the FEMA USFA NFIRS web tools.
If you wish to get started with eNFIRS, here are some good steps to take:
NFIRS WebTools is becoming eNFIRS
NFIRS WebTools is becoming eNFIRS
Paper reports have their downsides also. At two in the morning, handwritting is increasingly illegible, firefighters make mistakes on who was in attendance or details of the incident, and those paper reports often go under reviewed.
Responserack helps volunteer fire departments navigate NFIRS reporting as part of its volunteer fire department software solution.