Software for Volunteer Fire Departments

Volunteer Fire Departments deserve an NFIRS reporting system for them.

Responserack provides information management & incident reporting services for volunteer fire departments. Combining middle-of-the-night simple reports with with full administrative back end services, Responserack supports today’s volunteer firefighters and modern volunteer fire departments.

Responserack integrates dispatch (CAD) notifications with incident reports, leading to valuable & easy to access data for your department, and effortless NFIRS reporting. Responserack simplifies your operations for both firefighters and administrators, while saving you money.

Responserack helps you migrate from your old solutions to where your firefighters are happy.


Member Communications:

  • News Feed - information updates on incidents, department events and more
  • Member Contact list / messaging - connecting your membership, strengthening your culture
  • Informational Posts - fire weather, local conditions, department blog updates

Operational Services:

  • Incident Reports - what, where, when and what actions taken
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) integration
  • Place (location) Information - prior incidents, even location notes
  • Maps - address lookup based upon your district boundary


  • Incident Completion Workflow - ensuring great reports, every time
  • NFIRS Mapping; generating reports for incidents
  • NFIRS Exports; export your NFIRS records for submission
  • Personnel history / records


Contact us at Responserack to learn more about how we can help your department. If you need to know more we’ll answer your questions.


Member Communication Services:

Personalized news feeds for your membership.

Responserack Briefings

Operational Services:

Incidents view (for Firefighters)

Incidents View