NFIRS Fire Reporting Software in 2021

Advanced Fire Reporting Software enables volunteer fire departments to:

  • Submit incident reports to incident National Fire Incident Reporting System - NFIRS 5.0, and subsequently apply for grants.
  • Keep track of incidents, attendance and the response actions & details.
  • Answer grant application queries on apparatus usage, response numbers, volunteer hours, and many more.
  • Data mine reports, analyzing your data for insights and trends.
  • Provide incident information to engage and inform your whole membership, not just those who responded on the call.

Responserack is NFIRS Fire Reporting Software (NFIRS incident reporting software) for volunteer fire departments. See our fire department software buying guide for our thoughts on how to select your solution.

NFIRS Fire Reporting Software/Solution Must Haves in 2021

  • Cloud-based meaning nothing to maintain, and also access from anywhere.
  • Mobile phone, tablet and desktop views to meet firefighters where they are.
  • Integrated into CAD (computer aided dispatch) for reduced data entry.
  • Firefighter Friendly reporting; reducing frustration for NFIRS code lookups.

Fire Department Software

Fire department software (fire service software) is sometimes also known as NFIRS reporting software, or fire incident reporting/tracking software, even fire department response software. Fire department software manages membership and incident run reports. Responserack is firefighter focused fire department software.


Fire Reporting Systems (RMS)

Typically outdated, fire record management systems (RMS) have been the standard for the past couple of decades, but are more of a data entry chore than a benefit to the firefighters. Modern alternatives, such as Responserack engage and inform the firefighters.

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Learn how Responserack can help you engage and empower your firefighters: