Fire Department Reporting Software

Much as firefighting is seen as responding to incidents at the time of an emergency, there is a significant “after the incident” administrative task of fire reporting. From capturing fire incident reports to performing data mining and data analysis on the completed fire report data, fire reports capture a lot of data.

Fire department reporting software provides the ability to gather and store incident reports, and then perform data analysis on those reports.

Some of the fire report data items

The incident narrative captures a lot of the detail of the incident, and what occured, but many of the other data items are more structured

Data Item Description
Incident Times Tone Time, En Route Time, Arrival Time, Termination Time.
Incident Location Address, Locality, County, State / Territory.
Incident Type What occured? Structure Fire, Wild-land Fire, MVA, Medical, etc.
Attendance Firefighters who responded, and who did not.
Agencies Involved Multual aid and .

Fire Departments also capture other data items, above and beyond incident data items, such as apparatus data (e.g. maintenance records), member data (e.g. career history), and more.

Uses of Fire Reports

Many valuable insights can be data mined from fire incident report data. Fire incident reports are typically analyzed by month, year or multiple years (say for grant applications). Here is a small sample of the insights that can be data mined from fire reports.

Fire Report Report Contents / Usage
Response Times Average response times (from tone to going arrival on scene).
Responder Attendance Responder turn-out, e.g. for annual stipend.
Incident Type Types of incidents (for budgeting, resource planning).
Apparatus Usage Maintenance planning & scheduling.
Incident Location Resource distribution & apparatus deployment planning.
Partner Agency Involvement Partner agency utilization; aid agreements.

Responserack as Fire Reporting Software

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