Fire Department Records Management System / Software

Much as firefighting is seen as “putting the wet stuff on the red stuff”, there is a significant administrative component requiring extensive fire records. Fire Department Records include incident reports, training attendance, member rosters, apparatus maintenance and more. Records are the basis of data mining and data analysis for the fire department and other stakeholders, and are required for many state and federal compliance purpose, and also for many grant applications. Records provide insights for district and board decisions.

Types of Fire Records

Every volunteer fire department needs a miniumum of the following records.

Fire Record Recorded Contents
Incident Report Records Incident Times, Detailed Narrative, Department Actions Taken, Firefighter Attendance, Partner Agencies involved.
Training / Event Records Training, Exercise or Event Times, Firefighter Attendance, Curriculum.
Member Records Firefighter Career timeline, milestones, designations.
Apparatus Records Apparatus Usage & Maintenance History.

Uses and Recipients for Fire Records

Fire Records are used at many levels within the fire department and fire district. Here are just a sample of those uses:

User Uses
Firefighters Attendance Numbers for compliance with membership annual requirements. Annual Stipend (Payrole.)
Fire Chief Service / Response; e.g. resource coverage / availability, response times.
Fire District Board Budgeting & Cost Management. Fire Department ISO Rating.
Home Owners Making claims to Insurence Companies.
Insurence Companies Insurence Companies need access to the Fire Reports to determine insurence payout.
Cost Recovery Organizations, and Cost Recovery Administrators Fire Departments working to reclaim costs for service need record of those costs.
State Fire Marshal and/or State NFIRS Authority States and Territories determine policy, in part, based upon the fire data in fire records .
United State Fire Authority (USFA) Federal policy is, in part, determined based upon the fire data in fire records.

Fire records are often required to be retained for years.

Responserack as a Fire RMS

Responserack provides a modern Fire RMS enabling Fire Departments to easily create and manage their records. (Responserack provides much more than a Fire RMS.)


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